Programming Week of 240318


Repeat 230303

A. For time 35:00 cap start at the bottom or the top

500m row + 10 strict push ups

400m row + 20 strict push ups

300m row + 30 strict push ups

200m row + 40 strict push ups

100m row + 50 strict push ups

05 cal AB + 50 air squats

10 cal AB + 40 air squats

15 cal AB + 30 air squats

20 cal AB + 20 air squats

25 cal AB + 10 air squats

A. EMOM 8:00

Min1: 8/8 bent over rows each arm

Min2: 10-15 bjsd 24/20”

Rest 2:00 then B

B. EMOM 8:00 

Min1: 15-20 kettlebell SDLHP 24/16kg

Min2: 8/8 Rear foot elevated split squats (RFESS) each leg

Rest 2:00 then C

C. AMRAP 10:00 with a partner

P1: 2 Turkish get-ups (TGU), alternating hands

P2: ski for meters 

Switch when P1 completes TGU. Increase TGU by 2 after each round

A. EMOM 12:00 skillwork 30sec work, 30sec rest

Min 1: Chooce: Strict ring MU, Ring dips, Ring support

Min 2: 50 DU or :30 DU work

Min 3: hold an FLR, feet elevated FLR or handstand and add shoulder taps

Rest 3:00 then B

B. AMRAP 5:00

In shuttle run lanes suitcase carry. Switch hands every 50’

no rest into C

C. AMRAP 5:00

10 kbs 24/16

10 goblet lunges

no rest into D

D. AMRAP 5:00

3 burpee pull-ups

10 ab-mat sit-ups

Aerobic Intervals

Choose to Run 400m, row/ski 500m, or bike 1000m

A. AMRAP 24:00 @ 90% effort

distanance + 1:00 rest

goal 7-8 rounds

B. Yoga

A. AMRAP 25:00 barbell 95/65

15 deadlifts

12 hang power clean

9 front squats

6 shoulder to overhead

3 bar facing burpees over the bar

200m run or 500m AB

30sec FLR

Bon Voyage Janice D!

Brunch party after the 9am WOD

BYO Food and Beverage

RedShed Rest Day

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